This year, the invoices will not be sent right after the registration. We will start sending invoices after the timetable is confirmed, in the end of February 2024. The sum on the invoice will be in correlation with your registration date price offer. The invoice needs to be paid within 2 weeks from receiving. It will be sent by the University of Tartu accounting system. Please check your spam folder if you should have received an invoice but are not able to find it from the inbox. 

NB! The payee covers all costs relating to the bank transfer. Unfortunately we can't enable PayPal nor credit card payments, the participation fee can be paid via e-banking or bank office.

Last cancellation time is on June 7 2024. Cancellations before June 7 2024 will get 70% reimbursement. Please contact, if there is a need to cancel. Cancellations after June 7 2023 generally do not get reimbursement.

Coming together with a companion

It is possible to come together with a companion (child, partner) who does not participate in the workshops. Accommodation must be organised by themselves. You can find some suitable activities in Viljandi or join some of the programme offered by Craft Camp organisers. The participation fee will be calculated individually according to the number of meals and other activities the companion likes to take part in. Please register the companion in Step 1, no need for filling in Step 2.

In case of specifications or questions, please write an email to

Registration for the Caft Cramp

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