Register for Craft Camp 2024

The registration for the 2024 Craft Camp is open since December 4th 2023!

The registration to the camp includes 2 steps:

  • in step 1, you need to insert your personal contact information. ID-code or birth date is required to fill in there. Don´t worry if you don´t have an ID-code in your country, just insert the birth date in the format dd/mm/yyyy;
  • step 2 is about the workshops and practical information related to the camp. These two registration steps are located on different sites - please be sure to fill in both of them! You will receive a confirmation email in a few days after both steps of registration are complete.
STEP 1 registration   STEP 2 registration

If you only wish to participate as a companion, only step 1 is required. In the comments of the form or via e-mail, please add whose companion you are and which activities would you like to take part in (field trip, culture programme, meals, etc).  

Registration periods:

Christmas special price: 04.-31.12.2023
Early Bird price: 01.01.-29.02.2024
Regular price: 01.03.-15.05.2024


Viljandi Heritage Festival 2024


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Lucet cord decorations

Traditional Decorations with Lucet Cord *