Kultuuriakadeemias õpetab väliskülalisõppejõud Claire Filmon

6. jaanuarist kuni 5. veebruarini 2014. õpetab tantsu ja muusikatudengeid väliskülalisõppejõud Claire Filmon Prantsusmaalt.
Siin Claire’i pöördumine:

Dear people from Viljandi Culture Academy, University of Tartu
First I want to thanks everyone for the warm welcome I've received since I've arrived last 5th January in Viljandi and for the big work that is done by your university to make our project working and alive. Special thanks to Irene Hütsi and Merle Saarva.

Our project is to share during 4 weeks to dance and music students processes in dance and music improvisation as composition tools in real time together to re-create two pieces that will be shown next April during the festival A Corps in Poitiers (France). This festival is questioning the body on stage. It welcomes professional artists and students from France and all over the world. This year will be the 20th birthday of this festival. This year, there will be students from France, Spain, Holland, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Hawaii and Estonia.

Now I'm working with 3rd year dance students to research, explore, practice dance improvisation, contact improvisation and composition in the moment.
From it, we'll work on a piece named Z.A.P. (Zone d'Appui Provisoire - Short Support Zone) that will be danced next April in Poitiers with dance students from Poitiers and Viljandi universities.

Then we'll meet music students from Viljandi Culture Academy and  focus on how together improvise, compose in the moment and create with body, sounds and words. This piece is named "Ütle Mulle..." and was created for the first time in 2002 with students from Viljandi and Kuopio and shown the same year in Festival A Corps. It's based on characters solos as tutti about travelling memories.

Monday 27th January at 6 pm in the Black Box, we will open the door to share with you where we will be in the work process.
You're welcome.

It's an honour and a pleasure to be invited, work and be here again in your academy. The curiosity, openness of mind and body, young energy ready to learn, explore, create is so strong here that it's full of inspiration. I wish that this project could bring more deepness, precision, clarity, affirmation and unicity to each dancers and musicians that will participate for their personal as their group creations.

I wish that this could infuse all around here and create a great influence to all people that would need it in Viljandi university already full of creative energy and to further people too as much as possible!

To each of you I wish a beautiful good creative surprising happy New Year 2014.

In Viljandi,
12 January 2014

Claire Filmon