Workshops in Craft Camp

In 2023 camp we are offering 1-day and 2-day workshops for both beginners and advanced-level participants. You can participate in 3 workshops during the camp. There will be around 8 simultaneous workshops taking place each day.

Workshops suitable for beginners are marked with one star (*). This means that students do not need to have (or cannot have, due to the rarity of the craft skill) previous experience in the craft. Workshops suitable for intermediate and advanced participants are marked with two stars (**). Advanced participants are expected and recommended to have previous experience in the craft. 

This year we have applied a new principle on the fee for workshop materials. In some of the workshops, the materials are considerably more high-priced and therefore create inequality between different workshop preferences. The basic cost of workshop materials is included in the general participation fee for each participant. The extra material cost for the following 6 workshops will be added to the invoice:

  • 2-day long 'Shawl with Mulgi Embroidery' (20€ will be added to the invoice)
  • 2-day long 'Silver Pendant in the Style of Estonian Traditional Jewellery' (20€ will be added to the invoice)
  • 2-day long 'Traditional Leatherwork: Pouch' (20€ will be added to the invoice)
  • 1-day long 'Peasant Shoes, “pastlad”' (15€ will be added to the invoice)
  • 1-day long 'Silver Earrings' (15€ will be added to the invoice)
    For example, if you choose the participation fee with the field trip and wish to join with the pouch and silver earrings workshops, registering in December, the total sum on the invoice is: 1210+20+15=1245€.

You can see the courses offered in the 2023 camp below. The 1-day long courses are now divided between July 13th and July 14th, according to the preferences of the first participants. The courses which do not meet the critical number of participants will be removed from the list by mid-March. The final timetable will be confirmed with each participant via email.

Tip! If viewing the descriptions of workshops, click on the photos in order to see them in full size.

You can participate in one 2-day long workshop. You can choose between 10 different workshops:

Muhu Slippers with Bobbinwork Embroidery **

Pick-up belt weaving */**

Seto Bobbin Lace **

Sewing Teddy Bears **

Shawl with Mulgi Embroidery** (This workshop is full!)

Traditional Leatherwork: Pouch*

Tõstamaa Roosimine Inlay Knitting**

You can participate in two 1-day long workshops. You can choose from 17 workshops. The courses have been divided between July 13th and 14th.

Workshops on July 13th:

Blacksmithing: coat rack */**

Dyeing with Indigo*

Embroidered Surface Patterns */**

False Entrelac Glove Wrist from Mulgi Region **

North Viljandimaa Mittens **

Three Seto Belts *

Wooden Spoon Carving */** (This workshop is full!)

Workshops on July 14th:

Birch Bark Satchel**

Eco-printing *

Naturally Dyed Bone Needle Case *

Newer-type Mitten Wrist from Kihnu ** (This workshop is full!)

Peasant Shoes, "Pastlad" *

Silver Earrings *

Traditional patching *

Jõulutervitus 2022 - Tartu Ülikooli Viljandi kultuuriakadeemia

Merry Christmas from Viljandi Culture Academy

Sooja südamega Ukrainasse - Tartu Ülikooli Viljandi kultuuriakadeemia

Viljandi Culture Academy has joined NGO Slava Ukraini’s charity campaign to collect woollen items for Ukrainians

Woven blankets from Estonia

Näitus "Sitikal siledad tiivad" on avatud Tartu Ülikooli peahoones 14.11.–31.12.2022.