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Brooch with Punched Pattern *

Teacher: Eilve Manglus

Eilve Manglus

Eilve Manglus obtained a master’s degree in jewellery art from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Currently, she is working in UT Viljandi Culture Academy as a program manager and lecturer in Estonian Native Metalwork. She is also actively making jewellery and participating in various art projects in her field.

Punching or stamping is a traditional way of decorating metal jewellery using a special punching tool with different patterns engraved on top of it. We will make the brooch using inspiration from traditional Estonian native brooches.

Tools for making punched patterns

This workshop will introduce basic jewellery making techniques and methods, which are necessary for making a brooch with punched patterns on it. Each participant will make a self-designed brooch, using techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering, decorating and polishing.

Participants will first draft the design of the brooch and further work will be done with the supervisor who helps and demonstrates techniques according to the project’s needs. As a result of the course, the participants know how to use primary goldsmith’s tools.

Brooch with punched patterns

The basic participation fee includes copper and the use of jewellery tools. If the participant wants to make the brooch out of silver they have to pay for the silver (35€ extra fee).

This workshop is suitable for beginners, but it is necessary to have good manual skills. Participants with close set eyes must have suitable glasses for themselves at the workshop since the details are very small.

Copper brooch with punched patterns
Traditional punched brooch, AM 8059 E 396