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Muhu Multicoloured Crochet */**

Liina Laaneoja and Annika Vaalma standing next to each other

Teachers: Liina Laaneoja, Annika Vaalma

Annika and Liina are the company Etnowerk - Estonian brand of handcrafted cardigans full of emotion, bold beauty and ethnographic motifs. Their handicraft education is from UT Viljandi Culture Academy.
Annika is the embroidery queen. She makes the finest embroideries to decorate knitwear. Inspiration comes from folk costumes and the outcome is modern clothing for a modern woman.
Liina is the master of colours and bold decorations. She mixes crocheted ethnographic laces with different textiles and uses these combinations on knitwear. The colourful result makes everyone happy – both the wearers and the admirers.

Muhu multicoloured crochet

On Muhu island, a variety of techniques were used to decorate garments and crochet was one of the most common techniques. In this course, you will learn about the tight multicoloured crochet used in Muhu. For example, sleeve cuffs of knitted jackets were made this way in Muhu. The crocheted surface was often further embroidered with cross-stitched motifs or decorated with border lace. The result is beautiful, colourful sleeve cuffs that hardly ever drag out or lose their shape.

During the course, participants will make their own multicoloured crocheted wrist cuffs or cuffs for a jacket, dress, sweater or coat.

Multicoloured crocheted wrist cuff from Muhu island

The following materials used in the workshop are covered by the participation fee: coloured woollen yarn, crochet hooks, woollen embroidery yarns, needles.

Participants may also bring their own crochet hooks and embroidery threads and yarns if they have a certain project in mind. They may also bring a garment if they wish to make coloured cuffs for it. The course is suitable for beginners as well as participants with prior experience in crochet (the crochet patterns include both levels).


Crocheting in Muhu style
Multicoloured crocheted wrist cuffs from Muhu island