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Craft Camp

The next Craft Camp will be held on July 9th –15th 2023 in Viljandi. The registration to Craft Camp 2023 is open since December 1st 2022!

Craft Camp introduces Estonian handicraft by giving an overview of traditional handicraft techniques from Estonia and the modern usage of those techniques. By the end of the camp, the participant has a better sense of the characteristics of Estonian traditional handicraft and knows how to use some techniques. All the instructors and teachers are qualified masters of their skill. Many have been teaching for years. There are three different workshops each participant can attend during the camp, one day is scheduled for a field trip. In addition to that, the evenings and some mornings will be spent with various cultural activities. 

The working language of the camp is English. Most workshops and field trip activities will be in English or will be translated from Estonian to English.

The camp takes place in Viljandi. The workshops are held at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy's Vilma building (Turu str 7). Accommodation is not provided by the organizers! Participants must find suitable accommodation and breakfast options by themselves.

Here's Craft Camp 2023 poster for sharing online and printing in jpg (smaller file size), png and pdf format.

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