Practical information about Craft Camp

Bus transportation, from

The participation fee includes bus transportation from Tallinn to Viljandi and back. In addition to that, the buses to the field trips are included.

The main venue includes Vilma building (Turu str 7, Viljandi) and some other buildings that are within comfortable walking distance. The main hotels are located within 5-7 minute walk from Vilma building. Public city buses are free for everyone. The buses usually travel between the city centre and uptown every 30 minutes. There are accommodation options outside the city centre, too. If you wish to travel by local public transportation, the organizers can give more detailed information at the spot.   


Participants will be provided with lunch and dinner. This year the meals take place in Grand Hotel Viljandi restaurant EVE which is located 5-8 minute walk away from Vilma building. Breakfast is not included in the participation fee – it has to be provided by the hotels or you can find some café for having breakfast instead. One coffee break and lunch are included in the participation fee of the field trip. Dinner on arrival day and lunch on departure day will be provided by the organizers. Please make sure to note down all necessary dietary requirements so we can arrange it suitably. Please specify all allergens and food intolerance in as many details as necessary. The meals will be arranged in another building, close to the location of workshops.

There are two official coffee breaks during the workshop days. Since there will be an automatic coffee machine available, the group can agree with the teacher about having coffee breaks according to individual need. We don't offer disposable cups for drinking. All participants can rent a mug for 10€ at the beginning of the camp. You need to carry your mug around the building and wash it yourself. If you wish, you can personalize yours with a tag of yarn, etc. At the end of the camp, you can keep the mug or give it back and get the deposit in return. The mugs are painted by Tallinn Support Centre Juks. Juks is a social welfare centre which provides social services for people with intellectual disability. They help intellectually disabled people to cope with daily life and work, to improve their skill set and spend spare time. 

Weather and clothing

July is a warm month in Estonia. Day time temperatures vary from 16-26 degrees Celsius, night time temperatures are around 12-18 degrees. Rain and thunderstorms can occur as well.

Setomaa trip, photo Marit Külv

Most activities take place indoors with an opportunity to work outside if the weather allows. The dyeing workshop partially takes place outdoors and the blacksmithing workshops will be held nearby, in the smithy. If the weather is good and sunny the coffee breaks can be enjoyed at the courtyard, outdoors.

For the field trip day, comfortable walking shoes are required, specially for the Soomaa trip. The weather can be unpredictable, therefore, a rain coat or an umbrella can be useful. On the final dinner, it would be nice to wear more formal clothes. The participants of blacksmithing workshops should wear natural, not synthetic clothes and the footwear should protect whole foot. Otherwise feel free to take what is suitable for you.


Most of the shops in Viljandi accept card payments. The nearest ATM is on Tartu street, near Grand Hotel Viljandi (SEB). There are various shops at Viljandi city centre, everything from groceries to local crafts. There is also a post office nearby the camp venue and a pharmacy store just across the road from Vilma building.

We will organize a Craft Fair for those who want to buy handicraft materials, items and books on site. It's best to have cash for that evening and also for the field trips. The field trips mostly take you to rural areas, there may not be ATMs available on site. 


Participants are required to take care of their own health during the camp. All workshops where sharp and other dangerous equipment will be used, will begin with safety instructions. Personal medications must be taken with themselves. The organizers provide simple first aid in case of emergencies. July is also active in terms of rye, wheat and meadow plant pollen. Please take that into consideration if you are receptive to allergies.

We strongly advise the participants to have travel and health insurance for the time of the camp. European citizens should have their governmental health insurance contract applicable in all EU countries, including Estonia.

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