University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy changes viewing artists as dependants

In addition to traditional culture subjects, all specialisations at the Culture Academy include entrepreneurial studies, which begin with a festival-like idea market. On 8 and 9 April, at the Estonian Traditional Music Centre students will meet with numerous experienced and inspiring entrepreneurs and develop initial business ideas during two days. In addition to students, more than 30 pupils from Viljandi Secondary School will participate.
The idea market is an introduction to entrepreneurial studies that will last for a year and a half. The main organiser of the event, Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Internship Andres Rõigas said: “Developing entrepreneurial studies is one of the aims of the University of Tartu, who, in addition to preparing researchers and specialists, is focusing on promoting entrepreneurship. The academy-wide idea market that took place for the first time last year and the following entrepreneurial studies have justified itself completely and the expectations for the two-day cooperation between students and entrepreneurs are high this time as well.”
In addition to the methodical development of business ideas, there will also be inspiring stories from entrepreneurs of various fields. The discussions will include creative industries, but also economic trends in general, the entrepreneurial environment in Estonia and Viljandi County and entrepreneurship in general. 
One of the performers of the idea market, music entrepreneur Gunnar Viese, who has been involved in organising about 1,500 concerts, notes: “I am afraid of those people who come from school with theoretical smarts and who tend to lack knowledge and skills regarding practical matters. Exchanging experience with entrepreneurs of the field and practical entrepreneurial studies definitely helps students with life experience.”
The idea market is organised by UT Viljandi Culture Academy in cooperation with Foundation Viljandi County Development Centre, UT Chair of Entrepreneurial Studies, Viljandi Secondary School and the Baltic Film and Media School.