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About UT Viljandi Culture Academy

UT Viljandi Culture Academy is one of the four colleges of the University of Tartu, which ranks among the world’s top universities, and is the most reputable university in Estonia. The academy offers top-level education, knowledge of creative entrepreneurship, the opportunity to participate in awesome projects and cooperate actively with the community.

Our raison d'être is sustaining and developing the values of Estonian traditional culture. At the same time we are open to new impulses of modern society and intercultural communication, and through that continuous interaction the ancient traditions gain new meaning and value. We try to unite knowledge and culture the best possible way. Recognised instructors and professionals teach academic disciplines combining traditional and modern approaches, science with creative arts, merge local with international, and integrate theory with practice. 

The academy is an exciting place to develop further your creative skills and broaden your intellectual horizons. Besides the theoretical knowledge our graduates obtain practical experience which enables them to have a steady position for entering labour market. In undergradute applied higher education programmes it is possible to study in such fields as performing arts (theatre, dance, theatre technical arts), Estonian native crafts (textile, metal, construction, circular technology), music (jazz, traditional, pedagogy, sound engineering), culture management and community education ans hobby activity. The academy is also offering four Master's programmes: Teacher of Arts and Technology and Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage in Estonian; Sound and Visual Technology and Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies taught in English.

As a promoter of creative entrepreneurship, the academy enables its students to start implementing creative projects already during their studies. Numerous concerts, exhibitions, dance performances, fashion shows, cultural events and festivals emerge from interdisciplinary cooperation. Additionally, our students contribute to the organisation of several cultural events in the city, such as the Hanseatic Days, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival and the Guitar Festival to name a few.

The special learning environment creates synergy within the academic community. People in the culture academy are active and creative, our graduates are successful shapers of local cultural life. Our alumnis include well-known actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, professionals and managers in the field of culture.

Viljandi Culture Academy inspires, creates and unites!

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