Maritta Anton

Creativity and Self-development

"In order to lead others, you must first know how to manage yourself. In order to have an impact on the world, you must first understand where it's heading. And in order to get from an idea to something real, you must first have the tools to do it. That's why we created this micro-degree. Empower yourself to create meaningful change."

- Marek Mühlberg, Programme Director

Study language: English

Duration: 1.09.2024 – 02.02.2025

Tuition fee: 1500 €

Study format: online

Application period: 03.06.2024 - 21.08.2024 (the selection will be made based on a motivation letter)


Learning outcomes:
• understands the role of creativity in solving problems and uses various creative thinking techniques to develop his/her/their ideas;
• creatively applies problem-solving strategies in real work situations;
• uses acquired problem-solving skills and practical tools for self-management in both private and professional life;
• analyzes culture and the role of the creative sector in society, opportunities and challenges and is aware of future trends;
• takes into account the principles of sustainable development and applies them in his/her/their creative project.

Target group:
Employees of creative sector organisations, learners with experience in the creative industries, learners interested in the creative industries (including people planning a career change), learners interested in upgrading entrepreneurial and management skills, learners interested in the field and principles of project management, university professors and programme managers interested in improving specific subjects or curricula.

Applicants from Kenya, Uganda, Namibia and Botswana are eligible for a microdegree scholarship, covering the full cost of the microdegree. There are 5 scholarships available per microdegree program (Creativity and Self-Development, Project Management of Creative Enterpreneurship and Creative Team Leadership) in 2024/2025.

Applicants interested in a scholarship should state this clearly in their motivation letter. If there is no indication of interest in the motivation letter, regular terms will apply. All applications are final and cannot be changed once they are sent out.

Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute to their local creative business ecosystems after program completion. This includes passing on the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the microdegree studies, and helping develop local entrepreneurial communities. Please address this perspective in the motivation letter. 

Application requirements:
A prerequisite for starting the studies is a bachelor's degree or a corresponding level of education. Registration for the program is based on a letter of motivation. Please enter a short letter of motivation in the “additional information or questions regarding participation in the course” field when registering for the course. Please include your educational and professional background and a brief explanation of why you would like to participate in the program. 

If you have completed your previous studies outside the University of Tartu, it is necessary to submit a document proving your education. Please send the proof of education to

Must provide a broof of English language proficiency – please see our acceptable tests and exempt categories.

More information:
Creativity and Self-Development, Project Management of Creative Enterpreneurship and Creative Team Leadership microdegree programmes are part of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy's new one-year English-language master's curriculum in Creative Project Management. Completing all three microdegree programmes allows the option to complete the master's programme in Creative Project Management at your own pace, for example, by completing one microdegree programme per year.