International Cooperation and Protocol Office

Ülikooli 18, ruum 305
50090 Tartu linn,
Tartu linn, Tartumaa

The main task of the International Cooperation and Protocol Department is to evaluate the strategic choices to promote the international reputation and recognition of the University of Tartu, to plan and implement activities that support the internationalization of the university, and to organise the university's protocol activities. The department involves other relevant units in fulfilling its tasks.

The department promotes and supports the international cooperation of the university through the following activities:

  • monitoring and analysing national and international trends in internationalization;
  • defining the principles and directions of internationalization and organizing international marketing activities based on them;
  • developing and maintaining international partnerships of the university, including coordinating participation in international networks and cooperation agreements;
  • coordinating the mobility of students and staff, scientific exchange, and facilitating foreign scholarships.

In coordinating protocol activities of the university, the main task of the department is to develop a unified recognition system, organize receptions for rectorate visits and foreign guests, and organise academic events.

For more information on the department's activities, please visit the International Cooperation webpage.

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