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Student parliament elected the new student union board

On 1 June, at the last student parliament meeting of the academic year, a new student union board was elected. Medical student Renar Kihho will be the new President of the Student Body. Teele Kanarbik and Anette-Mai Pirk-Birk, who previously held the student representative role, will be vice presidents. The new board's term of office begins on 1 July 2023 and lasts until 30 June 2025.

The new President, Renar Kihho, is a 4th-year medical student who is also a member of the Estonian Medical Students’ Association (EAÜS). For the last year, Kihho was also the President of EAÜS. Kihho will take over the position of the President of UTSU from the current President Katariina Sofia Päts. Ne newly elected vice presidents Teele Kanarbik and Anette-Mai Pirk-Birk have been representatives in the student union for two and three semesters, respectively. Kanarbik has been a member of the student councils of the Institute of Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences since last autumn. Pirk-Birk has been part of the student council for three semesters as a representative of the Institute of History and Archaeology as well as the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The student union board consists of a president and two vice presidents, whose term of office lasts two years according to the election rules. Board elections are governed by UTSU's general election rules.

The new President of the Student Body

The new Vice Presidents of the Student Body

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